Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Two Not So Bad Cats

" someone" knocked my latest punch needle piece

to the floor and is trying to eat the floss

Olivia thinking of maybe

sleeping in the comfy chair...

but Melrose is close by

so she'll just ignore him instead

he's just watching the birds fly by

Thanks for your recent comments on my new designs!
so maybe a cats only booklet
is in the works
~10 designs
cats, pumpkins, sunflowers
all my favorite things


my3Kitties said...

Happy to hear of a new booklet from you!! I never tire of any of your designs!

Joanne said...

As always the kids are angels! So cute

Orange Sink said...

Yay! Meow! I'm dancing with anticipation! Your patterns are my favorite! I think the fur kids are excited too Kelley..... Let me know when the booklets are available!!
Cathy G

Myglorystars said...

I am excited, I want your new booklet when you have it ready!!

WoolenSails said...

I always love your kitty and flower designs, fun to do and fun to mix up.


Raymond Homestead said...

Now it looks like to me that kitty is just trying to finish the project for you!! ;-)

jennifer768 said...

Sweet kitties !How exciting to know that a new book is in the works.Hugs,Jen

leLoops said...

just have to say hi to another cat lover! your designs are wonderful! Lee

Rebecca said...

So very happy to hear you're considering continuing your designs, Kelley! I never grow tired of your patterns ~ there can never be too many kitty rugs, punch needle pieces, stitcheries, etc.!