Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mailbox Overflow

Swap Goodies

plus RAK's from Sharon

(our 3rd anniversary swap in AAPG)

this shot includes the stapler and staples...

gave me a total fit of laughter

when I was getting my latest booklets

together I couldn't find my good stapler

then broke the little cheap one

so ended up making do with paper clips

without the stapler!

lots of wool, floss and some sweet muslin from Moda

plus a piece of coverlet

( I saw it - shared on eBay about it...

someone bought it first)

the three ornies are perfection...


many thanks Sharon

this was a total surprise

from Doris

using a Primitive Bettys pattern

since the heat has really gotten to me

this summer I've been praying

for some snow...

Doris did the next best thing

thanks a bunch Doris...

I'm putting it in the sewing room

on the design wall so

I can think cool thoughts...

~~As for the cats~~

the other day Olivia was minding

her own business

checking out the vent to see

if she could wish some colder air

out of it

along comes Melrose

a little tussle ensues

with his fur ending up all

over the floor again

do you like how he's trying

to look cool and blameless

Olivia heads for cover

under the safest spot in the living room

as you can tell from the fur

on the floor in front of her

Melrose is always getting a smack

(don't feel bad for him

he's asking for it where she's concerned)


HomeSpunPrims said...

Awesome goodies from Sharon and Doris! Sending cool thoughts your way for you and the kids! Lori

Doris said...

Love Sharon's beautiful array of gifts, beautiful work and love the colors. So glad you now have a stapler!!!

WoolenSails said...

Sharon really made some beautiful pieces, love that cat pin cushion. I have seen antiques like that and wanted to try some, love how she did hers.


Joanne said...

Oh lalalala wonderful package from Sharon - are you sure she didn't mean to send it to PA? Hmmmmm? Oh the kitties - good to see them - isn't it something how they get their tails in a knot over each other sometimes!

Kim said...

Great goodies. Sweet little snowman.

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

awesome goodies; the stapler is funny! Love, love, love the sheep and snowman punched piece!

Orange Sink said...

Wow! Sharon and Doris are wonderful friends! The stapler was a fun surprise and useful too it seems LOL! Love the kitty pin cushion! Love everything! Right up my alley!
I see your kitties are keeping you in stitches there too!
Sending hugs and good energies!
Cathy G

jennifer768 said...

Awesome goodies ! Love the snowman piece.To funny about the stapler!LOL! Okay Melrose may ask for it but I kind of feel sorry for him.Poor Olivia! Hugs,Jen

moosecraft said...

So glad you like everything and got a giggle from the stapler! The kitty pin cushion was a purchase from Sharon Renninger's booth last Spring... Joanne was with me when I bought! See? Your RAK has been a work in progress for months! ;-)

primitivebettys said...

Love your goodies & your kitties :)

I shared Doris' finish on my blog this morning too.

So funny about the stapler! Sharon is a riot!