Wednesday, August 10, 2011


when it comes to exercise

that's how I feel

I'm doing it

just without enthusiasm

it's Week 2 of Commit to Fit

at work

and while I've been

80% on track with the healthy

eating portion

(lost 7 # the first week)

the exercise part has been

more of a challenge...

if you have one

please send

a velociraptor to chase me around

for about 1/2 hour per day

or even a large dog

that needs walking

Many Thanks

for all you kind posts

and many emails

regarding my depression/anxiety issues

especially for not telling me to

"snap out of it"


Kim said...

LOL. I am 100% with you on this post. Lots of people at work joined a running club.......not me - unless I'm being chased!

primitivebettys said...

You can come walk with Brownie any time you want... I will join ya! :)

Karen said...

I get up at 0615, put on my walking cloths, comb my bed hair and get out and walk. I have my mp3player on and go even if I am not in the mood.
When I watch tv shows (positive only) I lay on the mat and either bend, lift weights or something that is good for me and I am moving.
I feel bettern on those days than the days when I give in to the "oh I dont feel like it" days and do not move much.

Hope it gets easier for you.

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Oh girl I'm with you exercise. I do better in the fall and winter. Congratulations on the wt. loss that is a really good start!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kelley ~
You're off to a great start!
Count me as one who hates to I don't. I know I should, but there are only so many hours in the day, so I "choose" not!
Hugs :)

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Picture me with Pom Pom's :) :)...

And no I was never a cheer leader lol.
Keep up the good work and congrat's on your loss so far!

Orange Sink said...

That's a fantastic weight loss for your first week! The exercise is a killer for me too. I run and up and down my basement steps to do laundry etc. and that about does me in! LOL! We do walk the dogs every evening though. My husband sort of resembles that Velociraptor! It helps to have someone chasing me out the door! LOL!
Keep up the good work!
Cathy G

Dorothy said...

I can help you 'not' exercise. Have a walk round the garden and smell the roses. I hope it brightens your day.

WoolenSails said...

I hate to exercise, but I love to swim and paddle and walk, so I do that when I can. Sitting on a machine and going nowhere is not fun;)


Tammy Burks said...

I used to hate to exercise, but now I've gotten to where I actually enjoy it sometimes. You talked about walking a dog....I don't know your work schedule, but if there is a shelter nearby, they always need dog walkers....that way you would be helping animals and doing something for yourself as well....just an idea. I think the key is finding something you like.....for me it's yoga and weight lifting. Just try different things until you find something that lights a tiny spark in you. The exercise should also help your's to you for making the effort!

Brenis said...

LOL I love the velociraptor pic!!! That is exactly how I feel some days!! Woot! Can't believe you lost 7 pounds in your first week!! That's amazing! My body is still "on hold" and refusing to even let go of one more pound. grrrr. And I still have 25 more to go - so it's not like there's nothing for it to let go of! Taking a more mellow approach of lifting arm weights and toning exercises since nothing else is working. But oh yah.. the motivation is definitely NOT there!! But I always feel better when I do! Congrats girl!!! At this rate you'll probably beat me to the goal! :)