Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Antique Rugs

I've been searching for and saving images

of antique hooked rugs

for as long as I've had a computer...

Every rug teaches me something

or gives me an idea

for a rug of my own...

This chicken rug is amazing

makes me want to hook one

just like it...

except with cats

love the face on this one

cats and thread ~ endless joy

So you want to know where to find these images?

google antique hooked rugs

then spend hours

looking through antique shop sites

narrow down your search


antique cat hooked rugs

or horse, dog or house...

it takes a lot of time

like any worthwhile endeavour

just wait until you see

the rugs inspired by the ones I've shared

searching for old rugs is time well spent


Jackie said...

Would love to get back into hooked of these days

Naomi said...

When you say "spend hours looking..." you are right on the mark! lol I have kept a file of saved images, and am thinking of using my Pinterest account to start holding all of them!

HomeSpunPrims said...

Those are some great rugs Kelley. Thank you for sharing. I have searched like that too and you are right, it takes a lot of time but oh the inspiration we gain. Hugs. Lori

Saundra said...

Beautiful antique rugs. The folk horses and stars reminds me of a Magdalena rug. Thanks for showing them.

quiltsbycheri said...

ohhhh love them all....

Courtney said...

The internet is indeed amazing and one can lose themselves for many hours. I like to get ideas from the rugs, too, but then I save them in files and never put idea to linen. LOL Each rug is so wonderful...what history!

WoolenSails said...

I love doing image searches for rugs and quilts, great way to get inspired.


patijane's primitives said...

Great inspiration for rugs, Kelley! I really like the first one you have pictured. Will definitely google antique hooked rugs. Thanks for sharing.