Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hook and Hook and Hook

I've been hooking 

with my Miller pencil hook
the only one I've used for years

no need to know how many I own
(it's still under a baker's dozen)

if you need one too 
here's where I recommend:

I've been thinking of getting  one of the 
Cocobolo hooks...
but will need to sell some things first...

check back for that later today or tomorrow...

some of my early blue fabric
a few little hooked pumpkin pillows
Halloween chalkware from my collection

a girls gotta do
what she must to feed her hook addiction!


Jacqueline said...

LOL, ain't that the truth..

jody said...

i've never tried that hook... dang i too need to sell some things... enjoy your day!

Jacque. said...

ohhhh, Kelley Girl...if you think the stainless steel Miller hooks are wonderful...just you wait!

newburyarts said...

*****the boys have this addiction too!!! the women like the hartman
and the miller hooks...the men like
the woolley fox hook, the ligonier
hook and the ault's hook. at least here in new england...unfortunately i have you beat in numbers...we're long past the baker's dozen! between the wool and the's a safe and fun addiction, as long as you
get something done with them! good luck and have fun!
and brass is the best way to go!!!

TheCrankyCrow said... you have me all kinds of curious. When I started hooking, I hooked with a very slim pencil-like hook (similar, but not the same as yours)....I was told repeatedly by "those who knew" that I was using the wrong kind/size of hook - so I switched. And have never found a hook I liked since. Guess there's no "right/wrong" here??? (Uh duh....I know, but I'm a "self-taught" hooker for the most part....) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin