Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More or Less

naturally dyed Easter eggs

 color and more color

less color
still inspiring

my favorite color scheme

Do you have trouble choosing the right colors
for you projects?

for me choosing the color isn't usually the problem
it's more color 
or less color...
soothing or exhilarating?

a wonderful dilemma

+ + + + + + +

today is a day of rest for me
at least before work
I'll be on the couch
just thinking about color

yesterday was a very long day
until 10 PM...
Dad was transferred to the 
skilled nursing facility
for rehab...hooray!

but he's had a huge increase in confusion
during the middle of the day
that seems so weird
normally you would expect sundown

hoping it's a side effect of medicines
they started and stopped in hospital

broke my heart in a a million tiny pieces
to leave him there last night 
we agreed that the count down is on
for him to do his therapy
and get back home

thanks again for your prayers
and emails
they are greatly appreciated


WoolenSails said...

I think you need a few days of rest but I am glad he was able to get into a rehab and he has the incentive to work towards going home.


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

love the colors, and the neutrals...I say mix them up together and please your own heart!
Keeping you all in our thoughts & prayers still ~
Blessed be,

quiltsbycheri said...

rest peacefully in colorful dream land.....

annie said...

I love colors, one of my great joys, and sometimes a bit of a down fall too, that pop of color coming at the wrong time. My Sissy said one time, " now I know why you dress in colors that don't look good on you, because you just love colors." Hugs to your you & your Dad. it sure is never easy why aging parents.

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Wonderful palette of colors. Wishing all the best for your Dad.

patijane's primitives said...

Great colors for Easter eggs! Your favorite color scheme could be mine too. Hope you had a restful day on the couch. Keeping you and your Dad in my prayers.

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

My prayers for you and your parents continue. Thinking of the skilled care facility as a midway point is a great strategy! One sure to motivate your dad to work his hardest...

Happy Easter to all of you, bringing your Dad and Easter basket, or at least a chocolate egg might be a nice surprise! Wishing all of you a restful day.