Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cats Again

you've seen these before
the most wonderful birthday rug
from my AAPG friends in 2010
Lonely Girl
hooked just a little later that year

right now they are hanging in Mom's living room
taking the space designated for the new church rug...

I'm afraid these will get mighty dusty 
waiting to replaced by a new rug
life intervenes

I think these two make a good pair

wishing and praying
for a more peaceful world


Miccosukee said...

It is getting to be that I have to come to your blog every day. Not just to see how your life is going along, but also to get my daily smile in.

I don't know where you are finding them, but the cat photos are the cutest I have seen. Reminds me of my past felines.

Take care of yourself,

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Always love seeing your handiwork, even when it was inspired by such a sad event. Seeing the other rug, reminds me of the week before your birthday. It crescendoed in a flurry of emails, we were all so excited about the delivery of the two packages! Remembering how Joanne organized and kept the ball rolling! What fun it was!

Looking forward to seeing the Church and sheep rug sometime too.

You are such a busy lady!