Friday, July 5, 2013

Paperwork Revisited

we're looking for Mom's Social Security card
going through small boxes
full of paper
odds and ends
if we don't find it over the weekend
we'll have to go downtown
to get a new one...
fortunately copies of birth certificates
can be ordered online
if you want to avoid
making another trip downtown
it's $23 a copy in person
a little more than twice that
to order online and have it shipped
with confirmation and tracking
I am trying to grab some rest when I can
doctor visits and testing
Dad has had bad news about his
foot wound and circulation
we're working on getting cardiac clearance now
then surgery
this is our only option
besides amputation
which is really not an option
Mom is getting along okay
too much or too little
to do or visiting upsets her
so does being alone
 take her to visit Dad
then a short errand or two
every morning
I'm falling behind on taking care of myself
have already cut back to the minimum
of what I do for the folks
still barely time to sleep 6-7 hours
yes, I know there is help out there
just no time to make the calls
and set up yet another appointment
just venting
nothing to do but carry on


my3Kitties said...

It's okay to vent - I think it does us good to do so, I know it does me. Hang in there, hopefully soon you'll find some time for yourself!!!

Dirty Martini Queen said...

Vent away because we all understand and have either been there already or will be too soon. Hopefully Mom will get used to a schedule with you so it'll allow you some much needed needle/hooking time.

Primitive Stars said...

Hello, it is ok to vent, what are friends for, :) love the little black kitty on your Header, Francine.

WoolenSails said...

Venting is good, gets it out of your system and helps to relieve some stress. Love your kitty banner, that is a fun piece.


Kim said...

You go ahead and vent anytime. It does help. From one caregiver to another, you need to find a little time for yourself. Trust me.

Jacque. said...


Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Venting is a natural and necessary process. <3

Wishing we were geographically closer, and hope you'll get to a point eventually where outside help is an option. For now, it is summer, and change is best approached with two understandings, " This too shall pass" and "do your best, leave the rest..."