Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Just Chatting

there used to be pussy willows in
this neighborhood
am going to have to take a ride down
"the back street"
to see if I can find some

the local grocery has them for sale
but it wouldn't be the same


Mom has been having terrible afternoons this week
hoping it's just the change in rooms
we've requested an increase
in her anti anxiety meds...
refusing therapy...a shower
sending companion away
trying to get out of her chair
I pray for her to feel at peace

today they started tearing up the bathroom
having a walk in shower and higher toilet
put in
just in case someday...

of course right off there was an issue
old tub was hiding water and gas lines

can't wait to go home
and see the progress
it's a one bathroom house
good thing for the bedside commode
my parents have 

praying the cats haven't imploded
from the stress of the noise and strangers
they were locked up in cat jail
but still
having to be up and presentable for workmen arriving
at 8 AM is not a good thing
for me
but having a shower 
after almost three years living in houses
with only tubs
is going to be a treat for a long time to come


hoping you have some 
simple pleasures to look forward to too


marly said...

Sorry to hear about your mom being upset. I didn't know enough about dementia when I tried to reason or argue with mom on those days. Good luck with the bath. I love my high commode!

WoolenSails said...

Changes in routine can be stressful so hopefully she will get used to the new room and feel calm again. Having one bathroom is a pain, someday we are going to finish the basement one and then Dani will have her own.


Kim said...

I expect it's just the change in environment that has her a little testy. I hope this week is better for you both

HomeSpunPrims said...

That's what I've been praying for your mom too....peace. Your bathroom redo sounds like it will be much more enjoyable for you. I prefer a shower too. It seems one thing always leads to another when remodeling. Hope you find those pussy willows! We have some up the road in the wild. Take care my friend. You're always in my thoughts and on my heart. Hugs, Lori

Lee Morrison said...

I hope things settle down for your Mom, Kelley. Change is never easy for anyone as we all know. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Enjoy that new shower!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Hopefully mom was a bit better today!
Your bath re-do sounds great. I grew up with no shower, but I sure couldn't live without one now.
Hugs :)

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

It took me a long time not to long for the relaxation of a warm soaking bath, having grown up with no shower other than the outdoor ones at city swimming pool. I guess there were warm ones inside, but we always just wrapped up in towels and shivered until we got hot again.
But a shower is divine! A walkin with high commode may really make it possible for her to return home. Even if it doesn't perhaps an overnight stay could be arranged, when the holidays are near... Hugs!