Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Laundry Service Resumes

oh yes
I am thrilled by simple things
like having the drains finally clear
 being free to wash clothes
to take a shower for more than two minutes...

we've been enjoying this bird
my sister calls it a flicker
hoping to get a better photo soon

need to find one of these
as a poster for Mom's wall

photo from google
we've been seeing a nut hatch or two
I think
my camera is never ready
when he pops in for a bite


WoolenSails said...

A poster would be nice for her to look at for identification and something fun for her room. I always see birds when I don't have my camera, I guess you have to sit still in one place to get good shots,lol.


marly said...

A flicker pecked a large hole into the side of our house to enter the attic. I didn't know they are woodpeckers and are protected by law. The Pileated (Grand Poobah of Peckers) is something to see. BIG bird!!

Katbirds said...

That looks like a Brown Thrasher to me.

Katbirds said...
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