Sunday, June 8, 2014

Too Much

way too much of this to do
it must get done
slowly getting it better organized as I go
but there's always that one piece of paperwork
you really need
that is utterly elusive

does anyone but the most
OCD sufferer do this?
with appliances and furniture out of the kitchen
yesterday was all about
the tile is in today
tomorrow Ed will return to grout
and return the room to semi normal...
I did take a few things down
that aren't going back up

Mom needs this shirt
she now hates the color pink...
after only disliking it all of her life
Right about now she's hating everything
I'm always at the top of the list
for not taking her home
because I'm lazy
or don't want to get my car dirty
or am just being mean
it only hurts because I can't help her
we have tried to get some action
through the nurses...
wanting the Dr to prescribe more frequent
anti anxiety meds and maybe higher dose
(she is on a very low dose)
we have a meeting later this month
but it's weeks away
Today she had her purse
her copy of Kim Diehl's latest book
on her lap
ready to roll herself home in her wheel chair

as soon as we got back inside
from feeding the birds she was ready to go...


WoolenSails said...

I am so disorganized it isn't funny, but only because other people are, I like things where I can find them and neat and orderly;)

It is tough that you have to go through that every day and I know it tugs at your heart to have to leave her, but you are doing the best you can and are there for her and that is what is important, never feel like you are not doing enough.


Jacque. said...

oh Kelley heart just breaks for you and for your Mom. Prayers continue for you... xo

acorn hollow said...

I need to get organized too.
I know how are it must be to go through this with each visit