Thursday, August 21, 2014

More on the B Team


we found a few tomatoes for lunch
Mom got one for her one for friend Anne
they both rave about them

this was after Day 2
when I was told over the phone
that the first coat was on
I believe the photos speak for themselves...
I have about 10 more if anyone needs convincing
I got the windowsill done that night
since it was going to rain
This morning we did a walk around
me pointing out every little unpainted, unscraped spot
I'm being very kind about it
telling them it just takes a different set of eyes
As long as they finish correctly I'll be happy
Even if I have to get the white paint they spilled
off the brown bricks myself...
that's only because I don't want to hold up the painting
As for my indoor painting
another coat in the bathroom and I'm done
Then on to cleaning a little more
before the appraisal
only because of my desire to not be embarrassed
Have a wonderful day!


Kim said...

I'm going to guess they shouldn't use you as a reference for future jobs! It really seems hard to find reputable contractors these days

WoolenSails said...

I am glad you got photos, that is the worst paint job I have ever seen and the prep work is non existent. Add to the fact that they are not using drop clothes to protect the rest of the area, I would say 100 dollars is all I would give them, lol.


Raymond Homestead said...