Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The B Team

when you hire someone for a job
you always hope you're getting the A Team
I think the folks I hired
don't have much painting experience
especially about the importance of
prepping before painting
thunderstorms and rain today
at least I'll get a break
from coming home after visiting Mom
to painting spots they missed
scraping spots they missed
banging my head on the wall


Jacque. said...

That is really too bad that you got the B Team. Hoping things work out in the end for you. xo

Rugs and Pugs said...

So hard to find good help. Maybe they will learn as they go and get better? One can only hope.
Hugs :)

Mr Puddy said...

Mom said you need a glass of wine :)

WoolenSails said...

You should stand outside and take photos while they are working, so you can have evidence of their bad work and maybe it might make them think about what they are doing;)


Raymond Homestead said...

Love the bracelet, it says it all!