Saturday, September 27, 2014

Familiar Territory

I was going to get up early
even the cats were slacking this morning
so no pumpkin shopping today
filling a basket with homespun for rag rugs
filling a box for Audrey's mom
will spend the afternoon with mom
she promised to play bingo today
(getting her there is tough-once there she has fun)
I can do my errands later
sleeping in is highly under rated


WoolenSails said...

Sometimes we just go with the flow, otherwise we make ourselves crazy;)


Jacque. said...

Hope your time with your Mom was good. B-I-N-G-O!!! xo

Mr Puddy said...

I wake up early too..just to wake mom up for my breakfast ..tee..heh...and then me & mom go back to nap ...I spend lazy day cause outdoor is too I do nap again :)

And please say " Meow " to your mom for me.
Happy Sunday

jody said...

It will be a good day! Enjoy and everything will wait til tomorrow..