Sunday, September 28, 2014


by assisted living main entrance
Mom and I had a good afternoon
a long walk outside
church music sing along
worship service
still can't believe she agreed to singing and church
first time since she's been there
she's looking forward to next week

the entrance I use to visit Mom
When I left today
Mom was sitting in the common room
watching Kindergarten Cop with another resident
the aides were at their table
getting decorations ready for the hall/wing
there is a contest underway between the aides
tomorrow I'm getting Mom's room decked out
with pumpkins, sunflowers, crows
a couple hooked rugs
will be sure to take photos to share


WoolenSails said...

Your mom really does look good and I remember when she first went in and all the injuries. It seems that she is settling in nicely and even though you have a few bad moments, it is good to see she is being cared for, when you can't be around.


Mr Puddy said...

Your mom looks so happy !
You are good kid !
Me , good kid too :)
Have a lovely day

marly said...

Please tell her we are waving hello back to her!

cucki said...

aww please tell her i am waving from south africa,,
her another daughter from far away land :)

Jacque. said...

YAY for good afternoons! xo