Sunday, September 14, 2014

Meandering For Now

Mom has been doing so good lately
she is much less anxious, much more at home at the facility
she frequently wants to see what everyone else is doing
much less interested in hanging out with us
exactly what we've all been praying for
she also seems to be much better mentally
able to sign her name again
whipping through 100 piece puzzles
asking where specific articles of clothing are
we are so blessed with this facility
not perfect by far
mostly because they seem to always be short staffed
many days I help with lunch service
once a waitress...
it's fun because I can talk to each of the ladies
as long as Mom as occupied!!!
otherwise I get the jealous look
Her being at peace has sure helped me too
I feel more like me
Am sure part of it is getting the house purchased
it will be months and months before
we will get her on Medicaid
money from house will pay for facility
(right now almost 30 K owed)
then whatever they make me pay for home repairs
but we are nearly there
so for now
I will clean and organize the house
have been here about 15 months
some things haven't been moved since then
so many other priorities
I'm tired of clutter and dust
not in the mood to create just yet
plus I want to use up all the paint on the exterior
enjoy being outside without the pressure
Because the my credit union paid my share of the closing costs
(being a first time home buyer)
I ended up getting money back
Thanks Navy Federal
my friend Jo suggested I purchase a snow blower
good idea
 I'll just put the money aside to pay someone to plow
waiting for pumpkins
to show up at my favorite farm market
Happy Sunday!


Kim said...

This post makes me smile. I'm so happy that your Mom has settled in so nicely. That takes a load off your mind. Take your time and enjoy making this home yours. Everyone needs a haven

cucki said...

Aww so sweet *.*

WoolenSails said...

I am so glad to hear you are in better spirits as well as your mom. I think you mom is finally feeling more at home being there and more familiar with the place and the people so that is good. Snowblowers are nice, but a pain to push, so if there is a kid in the neighborhood that can come when it snows that would be nice for you and to help someone else.


Orange Sink said...

Yes just let someone else go outside in the cold and do the snow plowing! Good choice! So glad you are finally getting all the pressures and things settled and that your Mom is doing so well. All your hard work is paying off Kelley! There will be time for creating and you will really enjoy it then! Hang tough and keep the positive energy flowing!!
Cathy G

annie said...

Thank God for the good days!
So happy you have the house too!
Prayers & blessings!

annie said...

Thank God for the good days!
So happy you have the house too!
Prayers & blessings!

jan said...

So glad to hear things have had an upswing. You are way more than due. I hope the good days last to give you a good respite. ... jan (w/89 y.o. mother in assisted living, having more of a downswing at the moment.)

Rugs and Pugs said...

So happy to hear mom is doing better which in turn makes your life so much better. May the good times keep rollin'.
Hugs :)

Mr Puddy said...

She is getting better because of she got a good daughter like you :)
Same as my mom , she got the best boy like me ! ...tee...heh...heh
Happy Sunday to you

Jacque. said...

oh Kelley Girl...what a relief to hear a smile (albeit a tired one) in your words. Happy, happy, happy. Enjoy the weather and the house and your Mom. xo

my3Kitties said...

Glad to hear happiness in your blog while I was reading it. Happy painting!