Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Favorite Oldie

this photo has to be about 10 years old
my front stoop the year I went (extra) pumpkin crazy
much loved rug design by Brenis Thompson
Circle Whimsy
would love to hook another in different colors...
maybe I can tall her in to drawing one up
the days are flying by
good and bad alike
we get through them with prayer, laughter and tears
the weather is perfect for Mom and I
took take walks outside
checking out the sunflowers, chipmunks, bird feeders
think I'll sneak some pumpkins under her bird feeder
once I hit the farm market
stopped by this one yesterday for Honey Crisp apples...
I should be working on the layers of dust
accumulating around here
yeah right


cucki said...

Aww the kitty is so cute with pumpkin :)
I love fall so much xx

Jacque. said...

I remember that photo...loved it then and love it now. xo

Dirt Road Primitives said...

That's our favorite apple, honey crisp we planted two trees last year got 12 total from the! We are planning a trip to white house farms possibly Sunday...they have the bestest blueberry donuts ever...

Orange Sink said...

That little rug is so simple and sweet! Would be an awesome beginner project!
Honey Crisps are everyones favorite here too! I need to get to a market and buy some!!
Dust will wait... it does here... it never goes anywhere!
Cathy G.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Sweet rug.
Honey crisps ~ YUM!
Hugs :)

marly said...

Was thinking about going to Whitehouse for apples - may go to Apple Castle. Honey crisps? Will give them a try!

WoolenSails said...

That header is so cute and funny.
One year we had a pumpkin patch in the back and got way too many pumpkins. We gave all the neighbors some and had a ton of them in front of our house. It is apple time here, so enjoying fresh picked apples again.


annie said...

loved your rug, and the pumpkins!

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

I loved the photo of your front stoop. All the pics were great . I love fall too, just haven't done much in the way of decorating yet, love how that one pic screams to be hooked :) Thanks for sharing.
Hugs Marg.