Saturday, September 6, 2014

Most Random

love this image
reminds me of the work needed
to get the house back in shape
appraisal came back less than I'd hoped
once purchased
I can get the tax assessor to reevaluate
that will help with Medicaid
I will still need to pay back about 10K
in what Medicaid considers misuse of funds
(repairs to the house because I am purchasing)
panic attack yesterday morning
hate those
I take a Xanax as soon as I feel one coming on
doesn't stop it
but at least I don't feel like I'm going to die
Mom signed the papers for title agency
no problem...her signature was wonderful!
she is truly getting better in so many ways
yesterday she walked at least 30 feet in therapy
with a walker
held up with belt by PT personnel
she's back in therapy this week

Mom normally balks at working with male therapists
but this man is very personable and kind

so exciting to see this
she tells me how hard she's trying
even when she'd rather rest

my local sister is off on vacation starting today
NC sister and husband we be
here Wednesday for a few days
hoping to get mom out two days
one trip to the favorite farm market
one trip to the park with ice cream, of course!
my heart is not in creating right now
visions of chalk ware type Santas
are flitting around my brain
not ready to get on paper yet
my $2014 saved in 2014
looks to be falling short...
so maybe by the time I close on the house
(hoping next week or so)
I can get busy with the designs
Wishing you all a great weekend
I'll be working
weekends are my favorite...
I'm in charge and work with good people

Melrose can see the birds
and me
 from his spot on the windowsill
usually looks at me the most


Cindy said...

It sure is nice to see your mom doing so well and getting so good PT. I just put my mom in a skilled nursing community and understand a lot of what you are going thru with Medicaid etc...

WoolenSails said...

It is a shame that they have to stick their noses into the sale, isn't fair. I get anxiety attacks too, but I just ignore them, lol. I find drinking a cup of cold water helps.


Saundra said...

OMG, gal, I'm sorry about the panic attacks. I didn't have any until my husband left me and they are horrible.

I was on my way to a rant about what this government uses funds for but deleted it. Sorry they want to get involved. I think they need further investigation rather than you IMHO.


primitivebettys said...

Hopefully things will be calming for you soon. You worked hard getting the house ready and you have spent a lot of energy caring for your folks. It is nice to see your Mom having a good day. I pray soon that you will be back to yourself... and enjoying all the things you love to do! <3

marly said...

Good to see mom's progress. I am not good with the financial stuff. My friend had a deal with her realtor to appraise very low, her mom's money paid for upgrades necessary for code before selling, and she bought it for a song already fixed up - proceeds to Medicaid. So confusing!