Monday, September 8, 2014


yesterday after lunch mom and I
went back to her room to work on weaving
she decided to give her roommate some of her candy
so she got out a Ziploc bag
(her top draw is filled with lots of odds and ends)

before putting Sour Patch Kids in the bag
Mom checked to see if she liked sour things...
That's my Mom
always sharing and keeping an eye on other residents
she's concerned for a while if someone doesn't eat
but if they do it every day
she thinks they should just stay in their rooms...
the things she comes up with
if all goes as planned
I'll be closing on Friday
not that far off from the original date of August 22
second appraiser was here today
another appraisal needed for Medicaid
my sister and her husband will be here Wednesday
I have a little work for them to do
in the mornings before Mom
mostly outside
chopping out old bushes
she loves that sort of work


Jacqueline said...

I hope all goes as planned. Have a great week.

WoolenSails said...

It is sweet that your mom is mothering the other residents, I know it helps her to feel useful and good for her spirits.

Good luck this week and hopefully it will be the end of it.


acorn hollow said...

I love sour patch kids! Good luck on the house.

Mr Puddy said...

In some how pictures of your mom remind me someone @ my place !
My mom , she starts to do crafting.... And believe me you don't wanna see her work...tee...heh
You sound busy busy
Have a great week