Saturday, October 11, 2014

A New Friend

after lunch we took a stroll
around to the large courtyard
Mom wanted to go in
but I asked to sit on the patio for a few minutes
before I sat down
the complaining started
from off to our left we see this little cat heading our way
meowing up a storm!
everyone else has seen her
hanging around the facility before
today was my first time
she looks healthy and well cared for
hoping she is from the neighborhood
down the hill
she sure has a set of lungs on her

please pet me

yep, just like that

next thing you know
she's on moms lap
giving her the once over
mom does love cats
usually not on her lap

settling in for a nap

after a few minutes
we moved the cat to my lap...
I have never met a friendlier cat
will keep an eye out for her as the weather changes
if she needs a home
she's got one with me


Kim said...

There were 2 house cats at my Moms nursing home. They generally stayed near the rooms where the residents had treats. I was glad they stayed at the other end. Mom was always scared of cats. If one had ever jumped on her I don't know what might have happened. Lol

Rugs and Pugs said...

LOVE the pic of the cat looking at mom, mom looking at the cat. Priceless.
Hugs :)

WoolenSails said...

I just love that photo with your mom, so nice to see her out and enjoying herself and that you could share a special moment together.


cucki said...

Aww so sweet..I wish she stay with you and mom
Sweetie kitty x

Raymond Homestead said...

Awww sweet little kitty. She knew there were a couple of good friends when she saw you two!

marly said...

I'm glad she showed up when your mom was there. Obviously a cat that needs people around and so loving!

acorn hollow said...

Your mom looks like she enjoyed her visit with the kitty.