Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Embracing Whatever

when this comic showed up in my inbox yesterday
I knew exactly what my plan for today would be
seems with no plan at all
I got plenty of work done before seeing Mom
even marked a small rug to hook
(Lori's cat from FB)
Mom and I visited with the cat today
we named her Kit Kat
we found her dozing in the sun as usual
happy for our treats and petting
she followed us around for a while
then decided to chase some birds...
then I did some weaving
while Mom rolled strips and checked out the birds
she tries to be brave
I know how sad she is living there
our daily heartbreak
no matter what
nothing can make up for not being home
she does understand why she has to stay
her ability to understand most ideas has improved so much
every day she asks why no one knows Grandma's phone number
where is her father? (she means her husband)
she gets over it faster
or sometimes she says she won't ask again
because we only make up excuses...
this occurs for just a few minutes
her mind moves on to something else
the sadness lingers in me
Mom is so kind
she worries about the other residents...
if they are sitting alone or looking down
she rolls over to them
holds their hands
tells them she loves then ~ is their friend
it's wonderful to see a face light up
to see them reach out for her when she goes by
for each of us
knowing sadness teaches us what we need
in offering it to others
we fill our hearts as well as theirs
I've always said lucky me
for having such great parents
every day with Mom
I'm the lucky one


Rugs and Pugs said...

What a beautiful tribute to a most wonderful mother. I think her daughter takes after her :)

WoolenSails said...

Since I have known you, I have known the special relationship you have with your mom and I am glad you are able to spend those special moments with her and those are the ones to hold onto.


annie said...

Such a touching story, God using your wonderful Mom to bless others with her love.... even in the sorrow, tears of joy still glisten. Many hugs to you both!

marly said...

Sounds like KitKat wants to be a resident. Very honest and touching post.

Mary A said...

You are exactly right when you said that every day you spend with your mother is lucky. My father lost his fight with Alzheimer's on Labor Day. I don't wish him back, but I do miss his presence. Your mother strikes me as a very loving and generous person. Bless you both on this journey...

quiltsbycheri said...

thank you for sharing your touching and beautiful blessings....

cucki said...

Very honest and touching post my dear
Thank you x

Gayle said...

Kelley - I have a friend going through the same experience as you - so difficult - yet so rewarding!

BTW - last week I finally finished my BHG that was started back when you had the Wool Snippets group five years ago. Stop by and take a look!