Monday, October 13, 2014

Vacation Diary: Day Three

Home Sweet Home
1950's ranch
1800 square feet of a hot mess!
the brick is brown
destined to be painted someday...
the stain under the front window
is from the awful painters this summer
doesn't come off
as I save for all the work I want done
I'm planning new colors...
because that brown has to go...
if I can get outside before it rains
those messy hedges will be trimmed today
someday I'd like them gone
replaced by a little picket fence

the messy garage
that I was going to clean out yesterday
still a mess
my body demanded an all afternoon
all evening
so today I will start with the above corner...

I think the bottled water is from 1999
need to move paint inside
before it gets too cold

this area is mostly my fault
 itching to paint the walls and shelves
that's way down on the list though

this corner has all the practical junk
stuff I wouldn't know how to use
even if I knew what it's for
we won't get in to the rafters...
also known as Olivia's Jungle
Yesterday with Mom was nice
we had another walk outside after lunch
feeding the birds
chatting with the kitty
feeding the kitty the cat food that was in my pocket
we worked on the rag strips for a while
went through a basket of small pieces of quilt fabric
when I left
most ladies were in their rooms
or at church service...
Mom was rolling around checking everything out
she is feeling so much better
than the past few weeks
headaches mostly gone
sinus or allergies probably
I haven't been able to get anyone
to supply me with CT scan results yet
(weekends are incredibly short staffed)
I am working on getting those labels
in all of her clothing
so I can have the facility take care of them
dragging my feet
feeling guilty about it, of course...
no need to tell me not to feel this way
I know
Today is going to be a good one


Jacque. said...

Sounds like you have a good plan for the garage going on, Kelley Girl! Good that you took time to rejuvenate. xo

Jacqueline said...

Hmmmm I have a chair just like yours sitting in my garage too. LOL

I have a list of to do's like yours and just have not summoned up the energy to start. Maybe next year. I know it won't get done without me.Have a good Monday.

Myra said...

You are an awesome daughter!!

HomeSpunPrims said...

I are an awesome daughter! I love your dream of a picket fence Kelley. Keep dreaming and some day it will come true! We have to have our dreams. Just pick a small area in the garage at a time and before you know it you will have it decluttered and organized. It won't seem so overwhelming if you do a small space at a time. I hope you have a marvelous day my friend. Big hugs to you and your mom, Lori

my3Kitties said...

Little by little is how I'll happen in time & won't be so overwhelming. But I shouldn't talk like I know anything, I have messes of my own, so I know exactly how you feel! Hang in there....Tammy

marly said...

Progress! My parents had that same aluminum screen door. Can't find them today.

WoolenSails said...

You have had so much going on this year and done so much to keep it all together, it is still going to be overwhelming. Just take one day at at a time and enjoy the good moments and always give yourself a little time to do whatever or nothing at all;)


Orange Sink said...

Hi Kelley,
I think that nap was a great thing! We need to listen to our bodies way more than we do! I live in a 1950's ranch style home too! Little by little ( and most times VERY little LOL!) we have fixed er up! Way better than renting though! So glad your Mom is feeling better and all settled for the winter! You ARE a marvelous daughter and sending big hugs your way!!
Cathy G