Wednesday, January 28, 2015


* photo has nothing to do with post
it's perfect!
So anyway
I've been spending 80% of my time
sleeping, resting...worrying
still not feeling like myself
tomorrow morning I see my family Dr
the rest of the time
I've puttered around the house
there are bags and boxes full of items to donate to prove it
every day I want less and less things
do not make the mistake
of thinking I consider chocolate a thing
40 calorie Fudgsicles 
have helped a lot this week!


marly said...

I hope your doc visit will help and you will feel better soon. I will search for those fudgsicles. The brand I loved was Slim-A-Bear. So creamy and good but I haven't seen them around lately.

quiltsbycheri said...

Hopefully Dr's visit has an answer to your maladies and you are on the mend soon.....