Friday, January 9, 2015

Get Fit Contest

Our contest at work started this week...
official weigh ins end today
after this we weigh ourselves on Fridays
until May 1
the official end date
25 of us have signed up
2 are men
who both say they are doing it for the money
I think the $500 first place prize is a huge motivator
$250 second prize not so shabby either
but I really want to be healthier
have more energy
maybe get off a prescription...
Love this list
my goal for the contest is a cinder block
33 pounds in 4 months


Pinterest image
this is one way I prepped
portioning all my cereal
into individual servings
some for meals...some for snacking
I have a box in the cupboard at work
full of foods that will keep me on track
no excuse for hitting the vending machine
Pretty much following the DASH diet
which is a low sodium
balanced diet
nothing radical
until maybe the last few weeks
we'll see
Mom has been feeling much better
her appetite for candy is back!


Kathy (woolfind) said...

I'm getting out my pom pom's to cheer you on Kelley! (noooo I wasn't a cheerleader lol) Wishing you MUCH success. ONE day at a time!! I had to send my husband your chart. He lost 60 lbs LOL. (oh, and it was through 2 contests at work!)

WoolenSails said...

All my weight goes in the middle, so if I lose, my arms and legs look like sticks, lol. I need to find exercise that builds up muscle and pulls my gut in.
Glad to hear your mom is feeling better, and hopefully she will stay healthy for the rest of the winter.


Jacque. said...

You go, Kelley Girl! I, too, have started a plan of attack for losing weight. Your goal sounds realistic...I'm shooting for that, too. You can do it! xo

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

you can do it! we have the utmost faith in you ~
{tell mom she's sweet enough}

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...
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Karen said...

I like your header picture with all the birds.