Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bird Watching

after lunch yesterday
there was a fire drill
which means everyone goes to their rooms
we were lucky
we had dozens of birds to entertain us
Mom was checking out
the many on the ground

I have my instructions for today:
first fill the bird feeders
then go inside!

making faces in her new mirror
Mom was complaining about how many wrinkles she has
I reminded her she is 91
she said that doesn't mean she has to like them
and she's really bothered by her hands
large veins standing out all over
I show her mine and say someday they will be the same
but look at what our
amazing hands have created...
she rolls her eyes
She is feeling much better
asking for more candy for her drawer
wheeling around talking to her friends
leaving me alone in her room
that makes me happy


Susan said...

That spunk your mom is showing is good I think. Shows she is still engaged in life! And please I'm almost 70 and have veins in my hands that look like trapunto, but they serve me well. Although I do agree with your mom, I may be 69, but I would prefer not to look it.

Happy New Year to both!

Jacque. said...

Happy to hear things are better, Kelley Girl. Stay warm and make wise choices. xo

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your mom is a hoot. Reminds me of mine - oh I do miss her.
I pity anyone/anything that has to spend much time outdoors again today. It is bitterly cold.
Hugs :)

WoolenSails said...

Well, you can tell your mom that I just saw her in the photo and I don't see any wrinkles, she has better skin than most40 year olds;) The woman I took care of was 94 and every time she went to the bathroom and saw herself in the mirror, she got confused and didn't realize she was looking at herself. I think we always see ourselves as we did when younger and seeing what we really look like now can be a shock, lol.


Jennie in GA said...

Good for her.....and you.

Penny Shepherd said...

I love reading about your Mom her reactions to all the "fun" that comes with growing older. And I love that she rolls her eyes. It is awesome.

P.J. said...

Love to hear she is full of spunk!