Monday, April 13, 2015

Rare Photos

 what a shock
to see these two so close
on the couch
I wonder who was there first

this lasted for a few hours
the next day they were spotted together
on the back of a different couch
looking out the window
to the neighbors backyard
waiting for the German Shepard and miniature poodle
to make an appearance
I did finish my taxes yesterday
attempted Mom's...
they will need a professional
so I'll file that extension and make an appointment
Today is our meeting to apply for Medicare
finally her savings are below $1500
(once her income taxes are paid savings will be tiny)
The question here will be the repairs on the house
then my purchase of it for far below
it's tax appraisal
but well with in the comparatives price range
it would have sold for the same amount to anyone
Our attorney is attending the meeting also
he has plenty of experience here
whereas I remember the meeting for Dad
when I went alone
Xanax, tissues and a bottle of water...
I'm prepared


Jacque. said...

Kelley are an amazing woman and I admire you very much. xo

audrey said...

One step at a time.:)

annie said...

hugs, bless your heart!

Miccosukee said...


Thanks for sharing with us your current life struggles. My family and I are going through similar life-altering choices with my 92-year-old parents. Nice to know I am not alone.