Saturday, May 2, 2015

Every Morning in May

every morning this month
I'll be working in the yard
or at least the garage if it's raining
still trying to kick off the last of my SAD
and being outside seems to do the trick
taking stock of all the plants in the yard for now
a few rows of shrubs need to come out eventually
we missed trimming a lot of things last year
(usually a job my out of town sister does)
this year I'd like to have it all done
before she gets here
(at the end of the month)

I'm still raking leaves and picking up branches
from last fall and over the winter
lawn come next week
so that's my focus this weekend

while I whittle down the stash of
weed killers and other chemical in the garage
I look forward to making my own
next week I have a few extra days off
I'll be picking up some hostas and lavender to add to the yard
probably some Russian sage too
my trunk will be nice and empty
after dropping off the rummage sale items
at the church

this I'm saving in my someday files...
better know as Dream On Lady
remember that contest at work for losing weight
I've been a part of ???
it ended yesterday
let's just say most of us fell off the wagon
a long time ago
the best I did was not gain
back any of the weight I lost at the beginning
ah well
we had fun
 the guy who won did amazing
all he did was stick to 2000 calories a day
his wife packed his lunches...
if I'd stuck to 2000 calories a day
I probably could have lost weight too!
Hope you have a great weekend



WoolenSails said...

We have been getting new plants for our yard and doing some pruning. It really does make me feel better to have a cleaner look and with the new plants and flowers, a sense of calm.


Bobbie said...

Most of May will be spent in our yard as well, Kelley. We had all of our trees and overgrown shrubs removed and now we have a hot mess! Oh well....I keep telling myself it will be fun😁!