Wednesday, July 8, 2015



skips her grilled chicken salad completely
only eats the strawberry cheesecake dessert
that's how she rolls
yesterday started out as a good visit
happy to see me
strips of wool to organize
then when everyone was about done eating
she asks the dreaded question
"how are we going to get home today"
all downhill from there
ending with her
in bed before I left
telling me to leave early
I know there will always be bad days
I'm okay with her being mad at me
just hate how it makes her feel
she was still in a mood
when my sister called to say goodnight
5 hours later...
maybe today will be better
there is bingo at 2


Kim said...

I started out smiling as I read about the dessert. My Mom would do the same thing! I used to try and quickly hide dessert under a napkin until she ate a little bit of her dinner first.
Sorry about the rest of the visit. I know how it makes you feel. Tomorrow is a new day, hopefully a new mood for both of you. Bring her a sweet treat.

Rebecca said...

Been There...Done That...with my mom, who has now passed. Made me cry for you and her and me to tell the truth.

WoolenSails said...

Hugs to you, I know how hard it is on you and your mom, but you know you are doing your best and her moods have nothing to do with that.


marly said...

I'm sorry your mom gets upset about home, but I'm glad she has some good days too. Friend's mom never stopped asking 24/7. Oh the stories we had to make up for our parents because the truth was not accepted or understood. We always told my FIL that the house was under some sort of repair - spraying for termites, new paint takes a week for the smell to go away, cement steps replaced and can't get in, new carpet smells terrible, the roof leaked and ceiling is being replaced, lol!! It was taxing our imagination but he calmed down. But never would if the truth be told. Hope her day is brighter tomorrow.

jan said...

This time in your life and your mother's life is so very difficult. I identify with so much of what you share. My mother was in assisted living for almost 4 years before her death last November. She had very mild mental issues, relatively speaking, but her ever increasing emotional dependence on me was painful on us both - on her because I couldn't always be with her and on me because I felt guilty whenever I wasn't there. Honestly it makes me both feel old and to dread being at that stage myself, for myself and for my husband and daughters. ...jan

Jacque. said...

That must be very difficult for both you and your Mom. Today is a new day. xo

Rugs and Pugs said...

I hope today is a better day.
So sad for your sad for you.
Hugs :)

Patti said...

Praying that those difficult days are few and far between....