Sunday, July 5, 2015

So For Now

in between moving furniture from room to room
Pinterest has been giving me good ideas
for the future

I planned on painting before rearranging
but my energy level is low to nonexistent these days

so for now I will rearrange
it really helps on the decluttering too
many items hit the "go" piles
when you realize they've been packed for years
and you didn't even miss them!
I do miss some of my painted benches
finding these on Pinterest made me miss them all the more
in case you are newish here
when I say I spent the night in ER
it usually means at work...
same for surgery
I'm a Radiologic Technologist
(fancy title for taking x-rays)
at a local hospital
thanks for the kind wishes
from those who thought I was there as a patient
hardly anything bothers me
I can handle any trauma or illness
it's my job to be professional and kind at all times
but you tell me someone is in the waiting room
with suspected
ticks, lice, bedbugs, worms, scabies...
well, my skin starts to crawl
and I pray they don't need an x-ray!!!


Jacqueline said...

I spent this holiday weekend painting my bedroom white and I love it. Many shades of white and cream and a little yellow and red for accents here and there in the decorating. Big dark wood pie safe and painted night stand and tv stand. Yep it makes my heart sing. Loved seeing the pictures you shared.

Kim said...

Pinterest is so fun. I just found an old wooden ladder and I have a great idea for it.

WoolenSails said...

I love those rooms and the simplicity of the colors, just the right pop of color.
I still have your bench, but wondering if you want the black one or do you prefer a different color, easy enough to make a new one and any color you want, can do it in off white with a prim finish too.


Rugs and Pugs said...

I still refuse to succumb to Pinterest as much as I want to. Just not enough hours in the day...sigh.
I knew you worked in a hospital, but never knew what you did. Lice, bedbugs, etc., would freak me out, too.
Hugs :)