Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mom Update

after her fall about 10 days ago
they changed Mom's seatbelt
she has been very intrigued by it
it has a car like connection instead of Velcro
she can get it unbuckled
it just takes more effort
yesterday she told me it's Uncle Dick's and he wants it back
told her okay
as soon as we get a new one for her chair
she was okay with that

last week someone brought in bunches of flowers
to put on all the tables in Mom's hall
they were gorgeous
Mom made sure to keep up with the dead heading

Mom and Ann comparing bruises
a daily ritual
we've been doing puzzles again
ordered three new ones this week
Springbok has the best 36 piece puzzles
lunch on Sunday
she loves her scalloped potatoes so I ordered her
a double portion
can you see why it's extra hard for her to lose weight?
She's had some bad days this week
refusing therapy for the most part
she doesn't like the male physical therapy staff
I don't blame her
the are often impatient and spend all their time
talking to each other
Hoping after the orthopedic surgeon visit next we
we'll have a new brace
with therapy that can be done sans the men!


marly said...

Glad to see she has a good appetite. They put an alarm on my FIL's seat belt because he continually removed it. I told them to put in on backwards so he can't reach the buckle but they weren't allowed. As soon as Mark walked in and heard the alarm beeping, he knew it was his dad.

Jacqueline said...

You are wonderful to your Mom. I hope you take a little more time to take care of yourself, body, mind and soul.

The Eveningstitcher said...

Your mom is so sweet...I know it must be trying for you at times...but all of the precious memories you will are such a blessing to her!

WoolenSails said...

I love scalloped potatoes too, great comfort food and worth a few extra pounds;)
It is good that you can be there and keep an eye on her care, it is sad that they are not as caring as they should be, but each patient is special and deserves their attention.


WoolenSails said...
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annie said...

bless her heart!

Kim said...

aww, your Mom still has so much spark. Dead-heading the flowers and doing puzzles. Sorry she had a fall. Can the seat belt be turned around? My mothers chair belt connected in the back.

quiltsbycheri said...

Love puzzles and scalloped potatoes too!