Sunday, November 29, 2015


these two kids are beyond adorable
he is 5 and learning to play the violin
yesterday during lunch
the residents were treated
to some Christmas tunes
his sister is 10
she brought along her ukulele
she sang and played
then together they sang some church hymns...
they are the great grand children
of one of the residents
and frequently visit
no one asks them to bring along their instruments
they just do!
to say my mom enjoys them is an understatement
she will talk about them for days afterward
these two have managed to stick in her short term memory
when almost all else escapes
Today a church youth group
will be arriving to sing during the church service
Another good day ahead
I hope


WoolenSails said...

That sounds wonderful and nice that all the residents can enjoy the children when they visit.


Mr Puddy said...

Fantastic !
but me doesn't do well with da kids, you know ? it's kitty thing =^x^=

marly said...

How nice of those children. Hope Santa is really good to them!

annie said...

Cute kiddos, how sweet!

Angela Tucker said...

What a wonderful thing for those children to do! My hospice provider sends a musician twice a month for my dad...she has learned all of the old country songs just for him. He does seem to be a little more responsive on her days. I am glad that your mom get enjoyment from the music.