Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Nine Patch Again

I snagged this pic from Pinterest
without getting the name of the stitcher...
* edited to add
the stitcher is Sandy Whitlow
no wonder it's so sweet!
my collection of blocks is growing
time to arrange some in to little quilts
will use a setting similar to this one for my first top
right now I have at least 4 small quilts to bind
with the quilting on a 5th nearly done
I'll share when the binding is on
still can't get to hooking
I try and it just feels wrong
stitching is soothing right now
as long as my hands are busy


Jacque. said...

Looking forward to seeing your little quilts. They're always so gratifying to do, don't you think? xo

The Humble Stitcher said...

It's me! I'm the mystery stitcher of the little nine patch quilt!!! I am honored that you liked it enough to share. I made this little quilt back in 2011...all of the work was done entirely by hand :)
Sandy Whitlow

jan said...

I sure do understand the hooking just not feeling right. I have been in the same place for about 6 months or so. Much more comforting to just sit and crochet mindlessly. Love your quilts.

annie said...

love the little quilt!
looking forward to your sharing.

audrey said...

Great 9-patch quilts you're posting! I have a fondness for them myself and these colors are wonderful!

Angela Tucker said...

I do love those colors. I've never done a nine patch...you've got me thinking! LOL

WoolenSails said...

That is a beautiful little quilt. I need to make some smaller ones and practice quilting when I get the new machine.


quiltsbycheri said...

Sweetest little quilt.....