Sunday, November 8, 2015

Light and White

just finished putting all the wool strips
on the various piles
looking at the mounds
I see 99% medium to dark wool
when I've been craving just the opposite
the problem is...
I don't like to work with light colors
mostly just talking to myself today
trying work through this hooking freeze
what I do know...
this room would make a great workspace
hope you're having a good Sunday
I'm alternating between wool inside
and washing windows outside


Jacque. said...

Hey Kelley Girl. I love the header photo...and the others, as well. Hoping you get thawed out soon and are able to hook. xo

acorn hollow said...

An all white room makes me nervous that I will some how get it dirty. I guess that is why I usually go to dark colors.

annie said...

love the room, and esp. the view!

WoolenSails said...

I think white rooms are nice, but you need touches of color too, so darks or darker shades are nice accents.


Mr Puddy said...

Me and Mom love the room !
Look so relax for us
Paw Up for your pick