Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mother's Day Gift

this is on the way for Mom
every time we look in the LLBean catalogue
she talks and talks about it...
she doesn't want to use our handmade quilts
afraid they'll get dirty or fade
it's not her dementia causing her to say this
she has always been a lover
of creating quilts and not using them
so my NC sister and I teamed up for this gift
the quilt and a sham
we are hoping she will keep them on the bed
in other news...
there is no news


marly said...

She will be thrilled. My mom saved everything for "good" but I never knew what "good" meant!

Kim said...

She will be so happy. I had to laugh because I think we are all guilty of having beautiful things and then never using them. It sounds so silly when we say it out loud. The other day I was looking at Mom's china, just sitting in the cabinet. I should use it. What is the difference if I break some if I'm never going to use it anyway??

Jacque. said...

Lovely quilt and pillow sham...your Mom will be very happy. Glad there is no news, cuz no news is good news. xo

WoolenSails said...

That will be a nice surprise for her and easier to use and wash so much better at the center.
I use mine and they get worn out and torn, but they are much loved, lol.


Saundra said...

OMG Kelly she will go bonkers with joy. Please share much with us about her receiving the gift.

Saundra said...

OOPS, I left out the other 'e'....sorry Kelley.

Angela Tucker said...

What a nice gift. My FIL was one of the "save it for good" crowd. I never understood. If you love something, hold it close and care for it, but use it.

moosecraft said...

Excellent gift! Your Mom is going to love it!