Sunday, May 29, 2016


a lovely hazy, hot and humid day in Ohio
I picked a few peonies for Mom before my visit earlier
this plant is from her mothers yard about 40 years ago...
she was delighted with them

this is my work
very slowly getting rid of bushes and hedges
by a door
to be replaced by a little white fence
some day I'll pain the house
dark sage and white with dark grey trim...
get rid of those pavers
for now I'm hacking away at the mess
setting money aside for repair and replace

poor Mom
she has a large skin tear and much bruising
supposedly she was trying to get out of bed last night
while nurse and aide tried to stop her
she caught her arm in the rail
during the struggle
causing the damage
her other arm has a few bad bruises from hand pressure
the nurse called me and left a message right after it happened
I was at work and couldn't leave
she said mom was okay...
but I sure would have liked to been with her
she says it hurts a little
for her that is something because she never complains
staying inside the rest of the day
hoping to finish the hooking on Debbie's rug
while watching Lark Rise to Candleford
for the first time...
it's such a joy to watch
Wishing you a peaceful and happy day!


Mr Puddy said...

Dear Kelly,
We know you do your best !
I send purr to her to get better
HUG to you

The Eveningstitcher said...

Oh...poor mom...their skin is like a fragile...give her a big hug from her Michigan friends (Rory and I)...glad she's doing ok.

Your yard looks exactly like ours did. We struggled for years with overgrown schrubs and bushes. Finally, we had someone come in and remove all of it...I can't tell you how much easier yardwork has been since. It will be beautiful when it's done...but it does seem to take forever! Have a wonderful day, Kelley...I hope you find a little time for yourself...

Kim said...

oh that arm looks terrible. Their skin is so delicate. I'm glad the flowers cheered her up

Rugs and Pugs said...

Poor mom. Their skin is so fragile. I hope the pain subsides quickly.
I just love the scent of peonies. Mine have not yet started to bloom.
Good luck with the yard. It's a never ending job.
Happy Memorial Day.
Hugs :)

WoolenSails said...

That is so hard when she wants to do something at night and it is the worst time since she is more disoriented. I think they need to pad the floors, would be safer;)


HomeSpunPrims said...

Oh, your poor mom! Bless her heart. The flowers are beautiful. Lori

acorn hollow said...

Oh your poor mom it looks painful. So glad she enjoyed her flowers.

marly said...

Oh my that has to hurt. Do they use DuoDerm for cuts? I couldn't believe how my mom healed with those patches when all else failed. She was so fragile that paper tape was even risky. I don't know where you find these cat photos but they are all good ones.

Angela Tucker said...

Oh, Kelley, I am so sorry about your mom. My dad has had only a few skin tears and cringed every time we had to change the dressing. Our hospice nurse put on the DuoDerm and it was amazing.

I love your hooking! I keep thinking it was be a wonderful addition to my "craft" list...LOL As if...