Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My Besties

my girl loves to hang out in the rafters of the garage
here she is on a small cupboard
hanging next to door connecting garage and house
looking down at me and demanding petting is par for the course
I can barely reach up there
you might know her name is Olivia
but I mostly call her Pip
or Pipster, Mouse in the House
Bug or my Girl
Melrose likes to hang out on my car
looking at the back window or garage door window
he could stay out there all day
only the promise of a "snack toss" will lure him in
if he's not ready to move
he's been having a grand time
nesting in the wool strips while I hook
he purrs and purrs
spends a lot of time kneading and purring
it's a real shame he's so hard to photograph
his face is very expressive


Kim said...

A home is so boring without pets.

WoolenSails said...

Kitties are wonderful companions, they love us no matter what and don't ask for much;)