Sunday, June 26, 2016

More Samplers

sometimes when we're not busy
(at work)
I have time to browse the internet
do I spend my time checking out interventional radiology?
study how to better image a fractured and dislocated shoulder?
(after I've looked at everything else)

normally it's straight to Pinterest
these are my recent bits of eye candy

I promise when I'm back to work
after a few more vacation days
I'll study more about radiation protection
really, I will!

maybe even study stress reduction
(which is sort of the same thing as looking on Pinterest)

can you guess what drew me to this sampler
it's those two tiny animals at the bottom

it's nearly time for my yearly evaluation at work 
I'm taking a copy of this in to share with my boss...

Pinterest is almost as good as Xanax 
when you're prone to anxiety

Happy Sunday!
my sister brother in law are here from NC
so I'm get a little break from Mom
(and she from me)

just this afternoon and all day tomorrow
you have no idea how grateful I am...


Jennie in GA said...

Sweet samplers. I am always drawn to anything with animals, too. Enjoy your respite....those days make us better when we resume our care of those we love.

marly said...

Enjoy some well deserved Kelley time.

Jacque. said...

A break is always good...long or you time to breathe. Love all the samplers! And, that dang cute is that? xo

WoolenSails said...

I love finding samplers with small pictures and things that I can use in other places.