Sunday, July 31, 2016

Me vs The Sewing Machine

I will learn how to change the setting to zig zag
or dig out my old machine
 after a few hours of trying...

please send me some good wishes and a few extra brain cells!

 see that cabinet under Olivia...
that's my sewing machine
in a corner for 3 years 
behind all sorts of sewing room stuff

his safe spot
I never bother him for brushing 
when he's on this old footstool
in the "junk" room

looking at that belly
you'd think I never brushed him
looks like it's time for the Furminator...


Saundra said...

A beautiful cat but oh boy the long haired cat does tangle easily. Good luck with your sewing machine. Guess I use mine so often that there's no problem with me re-threading, switching stitch settings, etc. Ditto with my serger.

marly said...

If that warrior shows up only when there is a problem, by all means, rig that machine. And then send him over. I'll start sabotaging mine now.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Good luck! I hate trying to figure things out. I'd much rather have someone show me.
Hugs :)

WoolenSails said...

I know the feeling with long haired cats, Izzy is a mess. She hates her back brushed and now it is one big matt and she is always throwing up so the vet said they will give her a lion cut and that might stop her from swallowing so much fur. I forgot how to use mine, I learn and then forget and have to relearn, makes me nuts so I need to use them more often to get it into my long term memory.


Shelley said...

Just send me Rolo...sewing can wait another day lol Voting this the BEST EVER pic to begin a blog entry :)