Thursday, September 15, 2016

Kitchen Sink Rug

this scrappy rug is going in front of the kitchen sink
hoping this one will really shrink the worm stash
fun using colors I normally avoid 

mats prepped and ready to finish
whip the edges
then cover the back with a heavier wool

will practice on these before doing Debbie's

biscuit making
he looks a mess but I swear he's always being brushed

working on decluttering this week
about 20 large bags of fabric donated to a few 
churches and gals that make small quilts
for hospitals, homeless and nursing homes

still plenty left for quilt making

next I'm tackling Mom's clothes
starting with her coat collection
she loves coats like some women love shoes!

Wishing you a good day...



Saundra said...

First... where on earth do you come up with so dang many adorable cat photos?? Second.... You took the hit and miss rug to a whole new level and I'm loving yours. Now I want one, lol.

Third, and best.... you seem more calm and focused. Not sure if it is the hooking therapy or what but sure seems like a sense of calm has emerged. Hugs.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Well I just hate it when comments disappear and don't post!
Fun new scrappy mat. That should take care of lots of worms!
Happy hooking,

Mr Puddy said...

The biscuit maker is soooo cute !
Me and mom love your cat mat =^x^= Just purrfect !

Happy Friday

WoolenSails said...

You are really going on the rugs and it is good to see you motivated again.
I love making rugs for the house, but the animals destroy them, so i only have the ones you have made and friends and I keep those off the floor.


Angela Tucker said...

I like that pumpkin rug! You have such an eye for color. I really like the little bursts of color peeking out.