Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bringing the Joy

yesterday I took this book in to share with Mom
 I swear she has been clutching it to her chest
while awake since then

we look at it while I'm there
plan on which doll to make
she is so happy with it

says I can come over her house and we can get busy
 this is as close to joy as it gets!

we often check out the early dolls on Pinterest
we love their simple faces
we make up a story about each doll 

we especially love the old black ones
but are aware that they might offend some people
who don't understand...

so we decided to make only pale face dolls for now

this few hours/days of joy
has been a real treasure

she shared the book with local sister this morning
talked to NC two nights in a row about it
 feeling blessed with a happy Mom!


A few folks have been asking about Ann
seems I only posted on FB when she passed
 a few weeks ago

after a short illness
with being confined to her bed a few weeks 
our dear friend Ann passed away October 1st

Mom has had a hard time adjusting 
first to her intermittent confinement to bed
then seeing her sick when we visited
finally her passing
they were two peas in a pod
for so long

we are doing are best to find Mom new friends
she and I are so much alike
we are quite the introverts
preferring one close friend to many

she has been lost without her friend
my local sister has stepped up once or twice
to visit her when I leave for work
(a bad time of day for mom if no activity)

Even though I knew Ann for less than three years
she has a large spot in my heart
not only for being Mom's good friend 
but for being mine

she would always tell me
"she'll be okay, I'm here" when I left for work
she loved to tell me about staying
up until midnight working on a quilt
because she just couldn't stop

she was ornery too 
heaven forbid someone take her place at the lunch table
or ignore her when she yelled bingo
and don't you dare have carrots in her soup

RIP dear Ann


WoolenSails said...

If I recall, you gave me a copy of that book, love it and refer to it, all the time.
Good to see your mom enjoying a new project idea and it would be fun to make some and maybe hand them out at the center.


Mary A said...

Love the old prim dolls too! It's so nice that you can share the love of needle and thread with your mom. Your heart eases when they are happy. Glad to see that your mom has days of joy.

denise said...

sorry to hear about your mom's friend.

lila said...

God Bless dear Ann

Angela Tucker said...

Kelley, I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your friend. As much as you and your mom enjoyed her friendship, I think that it was a very important part of her life, too. I know that it is difficult enough to care for a family member with memory problems, but to bring in and nurture another? That takes a very special person. Thank you for caring...

Nancy D. said...

I appreciate your blog so much…and always smile to hear about your mom's latest joy. Sorry, then, to hear about her and your sorrow. Life is full of both. Blessings to you and your mom...

marly said...

I'm not on Facebook often but did see a mention of Ann and was afraid she was gone. I'm so sorry for you both. She was the perfect companion for your mom and a blessing. What a drastic change for her. So glad she had joy today.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Kelley,
I just love that book, too!! So happy you and your mom could enjoy it together and share joy together!!!
So very sorry to hear about the loss of Ann for both your mom and you! Trust that you will find another kindred spirit! We all need that special friend to share our joys with!!!
Wishing you both special blessings of joy!
Heart Hugs~

Jacque. said...

So glad that things are better for your Mom. Love those dolls! xo

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

oh sweet dear Ann ~ thank you for being a huge part in Kelley & her Mom's life.....we will miss you muchly!

Rugs and Pugs said...

I am so sorry to hear about Ann. I hope mom is doing a little better adjusting. Life can be so hard and cruel.
Hugs :)