Saturday, December 10, 2016

Antique Rug and Mom

found on Pinterest

this rug has it all
so much to learn from studying it
the braided edge really makes me smile


thank you so much for your
 comments and emails yesterday
they really help!

the speech therapist worked with us
moved mom to honey thick
(which she still refuses)
asked us to wait until Monday when she is back
to decide about the water
she gave me many ideas for food
mom can eat with a better mouth feel and hydration
lots of canned fruit without the juice
I'm also cooking some things at home
to take in

next week she hopes to get her to water
if not
we will sign the waiver

so now I'm researching recipes 
for "honey thick"
fruit mixes
plus she can have yogurt which she loves
already bought the key lime

Mom was overwhelmed with the cards
that had accumulated while she was away
there were over 35 to open
we did a few
I'm sure more arrived in the mail yesterday

you are the best hookers and non hookers

thank you so much
for helping us through this journey


Kim said...

Wow, I love that rug. The richness in the leaves is beautiful.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Kelley,
As always, I just love the kitty header and had to laugh at this one!!
So good to hear positive news about your mom and I know you will figure it all out!! You both continue to be in my prayers!!
Love that rug and all the beautiful colors and braid trim, too!!
Take care, my friend!
Heart Hugs to you and mom~

denise said...

Hope things get better for your mom.

marly said...

Crap. Not only did I forget, but I can't find the address. Can't be that many posts back so I will locate it I'm sure. Your mention of the fruit brought back memories of three fruit salad dishes that mom loved, all mixed in with whipped topping or cream cheese. Those recipes will be another search this evening!

Saundra said...

You are such a wonderful daughter and hope you can find a spot on your plate for YOU. Unless you take care of yourself you will have less energy to help your mother. Also hope you have a good army around you in the next weeks or months ahead.

LOVE that rug. You find ones that allude me.

Angela Tucker said...

It's nice to hear that your mom is doing better. Glad the cards were waiting for her. I'm sure it made her day. SMILE

WoolenSails said...

Glad things are better today and nice to have someone help you with her diet.
I love mixing ice cream with yogurt, my comfort food when I am sick;)
How about mashed potatoes with gravy, good way to get some protein and another comfort food, I love sauces and white sauce.


elaine allerton said...

Hope ur mom gets better,,,, what alot of worry for you,,,,,
Thinking of you this season,,,
Mailed a card yesterday,,,,
Stay warm, too,,, very cold and snowy here jn southern ontario!,,,