Saturday, December 17, 2016

Antique Rug Backgrounds

Pinterest never lets me down...
I had some down time at work last night
found these great antique rugs

I am not a horse fan
they scare me and they know it
so it's best if we keep our distance

 when I look at these rugs
I am seeing everything else
but the horse

my mind just substitutes a cat
for a horse

gotta love those squirrels

not new to me or you I'd bet
never tire of it's beauty
can't you just see
the big red cat in the center

now this is more like it
antique perfection!

thanks Dierdre for sending me the link to this on ebay
I definitely would have missed it otherwise...



WoolenSails said...

I love the old rugs and the nice thing is, you can hook a rug without having to worry about running out of a color, lol.


The Eveningstitcher said...

Love all of those old rugs...I purchased an antique hooked rug last summer...the hooking is perfect but it's the edges of the burlap that has worn out....I'll post a picture soon. Hope your mom is doing better and you too!! Have a good day, Kelley!

Merry Wind Farm said...

I love the rugs you posted. I have to laugh at your kitty christmas outfits, the kitty on the right looks like he is about ready to kill you!! LOL

Angela Tucker said...

LOL at the big red cat in the middle. It took me a second, but if I squint my eyes and twist my head to the right, yes, I can see the big red cat. LOL

I love the backgrounds. There is something about a handmade rug under your feet in the winter...heaven.

Deirdre said...

Always love your rug finds, such inspiration.

Jessi Lashakmitis said...

Love all those old rugs!!! They look so special and unique. Have a great day:)Dot