Friday, December 16, 2016

A Common Problem

Jan Patek
these patterns all have one thing in common
the sit unused in my stash
 this one I like the center design
thought it would make a good hooked rug

 Jan Patek

the larger applique blocks would also be great for rugs
since I've purchased these patterns
(long ago)
my desire to applique has diminished to nada

 except for wool applique
this one keeps calling to me...
pillow and quilt
a Cheri Payne pattern

another Cheri pattern I've loved from first sight
I could hook or wool applique this one
or do both

 from Cheri, of course!

this one looks like such fun

a drop in the bucket of my pattern stash
I have purchased very few patterns/books this year
too many I want to do now

this time of year I vow to do better next year
more hooking and stitching for Christmas
remind of that in the Spring okay?

Mom is slowly returning to herself
still mentally changed from Dr messing up her meds
on return from hospital

she has been enjoying the lovely cards
and gifts my dear friends have sent her...
the outfits we daughters have given her

and my sneaking her water that's not thickened
(she has no issues swallowing it, no choking or coughing
the speech therapist has been off sick all week
but substitute has moved mom to nectar thick)
 looking forward to having this weekend off
to spend more time with her
even if we only nap side by side

Happy Friday! 


marly said...

We used to slip my Nono's shot of whiskey into his coffee when nurses left the room. Heck, he was in his 90's and used to that morning shot. After a time of ornery rants, we were allowed and no more sneaking. Hope she continues to improve and enjoys the holidays.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Hope mom continues to get better. Keep doing whatever makes her happy.
So many fun patterns in your stash.
Enjoy your weekend off.
Hugs :)

Orange Sink said...

Oh those Cheri patterns... I have some of hers too that I would love to get to! Wonderful to hear your mom is still getting better.... cherish each day as I know you do!
The warmest of wishes for you both!
Cathy G

WoolenSails said...

The angels is one I like too and I got her free copy of the snow village, definitely making that one.
I think I need to start now and work on Christmas all year, so many I want to make and then I can have lots of quilts around the house, next year.


Angela Tucker said...

I like all of the patterns, but definitely can see the angels done in a rug...

I'm glad that your mom is starting to perk up. It is so hard to watch our parents suffer.

I have to laugh about the water. Someone told me that I should not feed dad canned soup, it has too much salt. Well, the man is 84 years old and has been on hospice for three and half years...sodium is the least of his problems. LOL You do what you can to to keep your mom happy.

Karen said...

I purchase more patterns than I can use in what is left of my life. Love having them but often, they get passed onto others. Jan repeats block designs in different quilt patterns.