Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Childhood Memories

this is my sisters tree in NC
she and her husband love all things Christmas

the toys under the tree 
were collected by our father
who also loved Christmas

we only got those metal toys out
for the holidays
my favorites were the motorcycle and tank

when we were dividing them up
we knew Deb and Frank would enjoy them the most
I kept the motorcycle for a few years
then gifted it to them one visit

seeing their tree makes me smile
to remember all the years of playing with those toys
under the tree before Christmas...
Barbie dolls stood no chance against the tank

 the furnace guy arrive about 2.5 hours late
of course I'd left to see mom by then
and forgotten my phone
back on the list for Thursday morning...

the room has 4 huge windows
over a bench the rugs the length of the outside wall
which covers water and gas lines

this room and the one next to it
have always been heated by a wall heater
as they were a 1960 addition to the house

I have the windows and bench
"wool insulated"
run a space heater while I'm home...
praying that will keep the pipes from freezing

  forgot to share this one yesterday
an absolute favorite garland 


Kim said...

The old vintage items are the best. Do you think in 50 years people will be decorating with old iphones and Nintendo machines?? I remember my Dad bringing out his fathers old train set at Christmas.

Saundra said...

Wonderful childhood memories. I know it is a worry about the heat as my heat was off for several days one winter until a new furnace was installed. My heart goes out to you as I really can empathise with you on this one. Hope heat is back and running and give the heater person a piece of my mind too.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Kelley,
That tree is just so perfectly shaped and I love all those wonderful old toys!! What special treasures!! I laughed about the Barbie comment, although she would almost look like the 30 ft. woman compared to it!! No having heat when it is cold is NOT fun so I do hope it gets fixed very soon!! We went for 5 days without heat once and our only saving grace was a gas fireplace in the living room, but everywhere else felt like a tomb!
Hope mom is feeling better and enjoy your visit with her!!
Sending Christmas Hugs to you both~

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your sister's tree is beautiful! How sweet you gifted her the motorcycle.
Hugs :)

acorn hollow said...

love your sister's tree and the toys are wonderful.
I have that glass beads on my tree right now.

denise said...

Beautiful tree!

WoolenSails said...

Love their tree, vintage prim to me.
I never knew you liked shiny baubles, lol.
Wish I had known when I was antique hunting.


Karen said...

Lovely tree. Is it a feather tree? She decorates it like I do! I have glass icicles that I hange off of the branches using shorter thinner ones at top and the longer thicker ones as I move down. Takes for ever but at night it is so sparkly. I like toys under the tree too. I had an old doll carriage but my husband broke it because he didn't like it! So upsetting. Now I have teddy bears. You have wonderful memories I can tell! Merry Christmas!

Angela Tucker said...

Your sister's tree is beautiful and I really like the vintage garland.

My family had one of the aluminum trees with the color wheel that turned and changed the tree from blue, to green, to red, to yellow. I remember laying on the floor and just staring at the tree, fascinated by the colors...sigh.

I hope that you have a very nice Christmas.