Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fun Antique Rugs

I always enjoy the rug shows
 shares on her blog 
hoping you'll enjoy mine
with a few fun rugs...

I think these squirrels are having a discussion
about the nuts
in the neighborhood

 off course
I would change this to a cat
with birds...

 the possibilities...

have always wanted to reproduce this one
hearts and all

empty the worm baskets!

this looks like 
something you'd see under a microscope

I can only dream
of hooking something so wonderful...


Mom and I had a pretty good night last night
slept more than we have in days...
about 5 am she started with the 
"get me out of here"
in her mad Gladys voice...
she went half an hour

the overnight staff has been wonderful!

if all her test results come back good
she's going home 
to the facility today
she is looking and feeling so much better

we had a wonderful Dr from the hospital in charge of her care
she took her time talking to us
(in the hall)
and was very patient and kind with Mom

we spoke to her about the future
what would she do if this was her Mom
we liked her answers...

wishing you a wonderful day 


Darlene said...

Love your rug show. I love the heart one as well and then the friendship one.
Happy to hear your mom's on the mend.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Kelley,
Such good news about your mom!! My prayers have been with you both!
There is nothing like a caring Dr. to set your heart to rest!!
Love Saundra's rug shows and yours is wonderful, too! I have many of these on my Rug Hooking board on Pinterest and am always inspired by them!!
Take care, enjoy your week, and give your mom a Big Hug from me!!
Heart Hugs~

Saundra said...

You find some which I've never seen before so will save them to a flash drive. Thanks for the rug show as I always enjoy yours too.

Glad you and mom had a good night and she might go back to the familiar facility she calls home now.

WoolenSails said...

So glad that you had someone you could talk to about your mom and help you find answers to help with her care. Love the squirrel one the best.


acorn hollow said...

so glad she is on the mend. Love the rugs you showed.