Monday, January 30, 2017


turns out when I'm this sort of mood...
better known as the basement of rock bottom
the best thing to do 
is crank up the music 
the more rage the better
and clean
and purge 
and organize...

I haven't the calm to create

after my last post I realized I was wrong
this is going on year 5
and now 2017...

since late 2013 when Mom broker her knee
the house has been low priority
I toss things on the couch in the rec room when I come home
or on the table in the kitchen
or anywhere really
and there it sits...

gifts get put away in a cupboard
I haven't bought new clothes
besides scrubs
have barely had my hair cut
and always at the cheap place on the run...

starting Wednesday I have 6 days off
I never like to work on my birthday so took time off before/after
am going to get my hair done
cut and color!
 that's my big treat

mostly going work on the house
I don't really have too much stuff
it's all just sitting out
half empty cupboards and closets...

it will make me happy
I think
to have a clutter free very clean house

maybe after a few days of rage music
I can switch to something different

watched this movie last night
it sure matched my mood 
I've never been a Hallmark movie kinda gal anyway


Cathy G. said...

Oh Kelley I completely know where you are at right now!! I will tell you that going to get my hair cut professionally was one of the best things I did ( after years of whacking it off myself!) YES!! There was no time for me when caring for my momma and it takes a toll on our spirit!
Good luck with the rage purging too... you'll feel like a new woman!!!
Cathy G

WoolenSails said...

I know that feeling, seems time has gone by over the last years with so much going on for both of us.
I really need to clean too, but my body is being disagreeable as usual, so I do a bit at a time and work on a project to keep my hands busy. I hope you get some time to just do things that make you happy and I am sure clearing out clutter will help and give you inspiration to redo the house, the way you want, later on. I have learned, you can't beat yourself up for the bad days, we just get through them and wait for the fog to lift and then we can move forward again.


Patti said...

I commend you for your rage music and purging! I find the physical "stuff" overwhelming as well. I hope you find a moment in your days off to treat yourself (besides the haircut :). I really have been wanting to see this movie!!! Maybe its available online now. Will need to take a look.
Blessings, Patti

Saundra said...

Interesting to know that I have been there too with the 'rage' music. I never thought of it that way when engaging in it and it was at a time during my husband cheating, his deciding to divorce me and some time after that.

Am happy you will be treating yourself kindly for your birthday and taking time off before and after.

3millplainrd said...

De-cluttering has tremendous psychological benefits, good luck with it. Also I highly recommend the Dressmaker, what a great Karma movie.

acorn hollow said...

I am so sorry but so glad you are doing something for you.
5 years is a long time to forget yourself.

She Seeketh Wool said...

I highly recommend Rage Against the Machine!


annie said...

Pamper yourself too!
Clearing out is a chore and a half, but the result does lighten the mental load.
I have cleared out a couple of bags lately, and a stack of books!
Still need to clear out another book shelf.
I promise myself, I will never buy another get fit / shape up get yourself in gear book.
I just need to actually do what I already know.
My book case is laughing at me, as I type. ;)

Jacque. said...

You go, girl! Cleaning and clearing will help the clutter in your head, too. For sure. Lots of love to you and your Mom. xo

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Kelley,
Happy Birthday!!! I think "doing what pleases you" is the best gift you can receive!! Hope you really pamper yourself!! I checked on the movie you mentioned and our local library has 3 copies, but ALL are checked out and there is a waiting list!! I had never heard of it, but will look forward to seeing it when they call me!! I am number 9!!
Take care my friend, and give a hug to your mom for me!!
Enjoy your Birthday Week!!
Birthday Hugs~

basketnut said...

You go girl - that sounds like a wonderful Birthday treat for yourself, getting your hair done!! Enjoy your time off from work, and try to fit in some "fun" time for yourself too while tackling all that house cleaning....I think you deserve it!!!!

jan said...

Yes, getting your hair done is a spirit up lifter. Years ago I was a hairdresser but I still treat myself every week to a shampoo and style at the salon. I just feel better after my hair is done. Just worked it into my budget like groceries. A necessity. Also purging is great too. I have moved twice in the past 8 months (argh) and tossed like crazy both times. Of course now I wish I had the curtains back that I donated to Goodwill. Still, nice to not have so much stuff. Hope you feel top notch soon. Your mom is so fortunate to have you.

Kim said...

Ahhh, you re-inspired me. A few weeks ago I went nuts cleaning out the office/den/craft room. It looked great and it really made me feel good. After reading your post I looked in and it was starting to get disaster-like again. My new quilting hobby was making a mess. So I've cleaned it up again. Thanks!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Enjoy your time off and pamper yourself as needed.
Happy birthday!
Hugs :)