Sunday, March 5, 2017

Making Do

on the frame
using up a pattern/backing from 2004
drawn on soft linen
 I'm not at all fond of this sort of linen
so kept passing the pattern by

using it for a geometric worm busting rug is perfect!

yesterday I was dithering over dark or light background
I'd prefer light 
the worm baskets said dark

this is one of the antique designs on the pattern
it might be tough hooking over them 


I'm being as frugal as can be this year
saving for when I'll need time off for mom

there is so much in my stash to "make do" with
next step will be to sell off a few things
that I haven't gotten around to

Mom has had some better days as her meds 
are being decreased...
yesterday was awesome
hated going to work she was so much herself



Rugs and Pugs said...

Your rug is going to put mine to shame!!!
So happy to hear mom's med adjustment is helping.
Happy hooking :)

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Kelley,
Love your new rug and know you and Lauren are both enjoying it!! I know it has to be so hard to hook over those kitties, but I'm sure they will show up in another rug!!!
So happy the med adjustment is working and she is feeling better!
Take care and Big Heart Hugs to you and mom~

Saundra said...

I totally agree with the hairless linen. I hate that stuff but didn't know until purchasing some to draw patterns on. But as soon as I pulled a thread to get the 'straight of grain' to cut and the thread broke, knew it was worthless.

How about doing a red dot of the gorgeous primitive cats and put on another piece of linen one day....good linen.

Love what you've hooked and I'm jealous of both you and Lauren.

Jacqueline said...

Love your rug so far. It is the colors that grab me more than the content.

So glad to hear your Mom is feeling better with her medicine.

Darlene said...

I always making a rug using up the worms! I'm liking yours.

annie said...

Love your pattern, and the colors!
Always thankful for good days!

WoolenSails said...

I always love your color choices and the hit or miss is perfect for this one.
I am making do with what I have too, time to save money and also whittle down the stash, we need to concentrate on the things we want to create and not try to do it all;)


Jacque. said...

That rug is going to be so wonderful...loving it already! xo