Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Slow Progress is Still Progress

in case you're not on Facebook
here's my rug progress
still working out which colors to use
which to leave out

I'm used to hooking much faster than this
especially with such a stash of wool strips
right now I'm splitting my time between hooking and cleaning
my NC sister will be here in a month
she and her DH will be doing some work for me
they know I have no time
but still...

Mom went to the hair salon for a trim today
she's been refusing for about a month
( we had a good day
she was looking serious here
after dropping a puzzle piece on the floor)

it's a roller coaster ride for her
always happy for good days
they started her on a new medicine
an anti-anxiety cream 
praying it helps
so we can keep the Haldol to a minimum

some day I get all boo hoo about my life
then  I talk to a lady at the facility who is my age
has MS, broke her leg last year, hasn't walked since
she has been doing rehab for months
as her leg heals while she works to lose some weight

a little giveaway for my blog readers
please don't share
I'd like this to be for my regular readers...

a very nice book
but once through was enough for me
a little worn around the edges
from bouncing around in my totebag

leave a comment on this post
letting me know of a story you'd like to hook

I'll draw a name Saturday morning
March 11th
it's already in an envelope with a piece of wool

planning on getting to the post office Monday morning


acorn hollow said...

You are making progress all the way around! I have hooker's block. I am trying to hook a rug of a retreat I took last fall and it is nothing but issues I could use that book


elaine allerton said...

Hey kelley,,,, your mat looking great!! I want to fjnish a house rug of out place and pets,,, glad ur mom having better days! Hard ,, hard ,,, thinking of you,,,

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning, Kelley. I'm loving those colors of red, beautiful!!

I know that having "company" is hard, but maybe it will allow you a little time for yourself while they are here.

Your mom looks really nice with her new haircut. Even though Dad is bedridden, we keep him clean shaven and his hair trimmed. To me, it's a respect thing. SMILE

Have a peaceful day.

Thrifty Mom In Boise said...

Your rugs are beautiful. You have such a great talent. I always marvel at people that can do this. Your mom looks lovely with her new do. Praying things go better for her, and you too. Take care.

Saundra said...

Don't think I've ever seen that booklet so would love to have my name in the hat. On this present rug (goat) seems I'm not progressing fast either. your rug will be beautiful, as usual, when it is done. Slow or not at least it gives you a little calm time to get away from life and do a repetitive and relaxing project.

Primitive Dreaming said...

It's always fun to get mail!!! I'd love to win this. I've been following your story and your rugs. I love the angel you made for your mom.


Jacque. said...

I will pass on the giveaway...haven't hooked for a long time, though I still have the big a** star rug that I dream of finishing. ~sigh~ I do love your rug!! xo

Kim said...

I've wanted to hook a "Mom" rug for some time but just thinking of it makes me get weepy. Something with all her favorite things, like music, cups of tea, books, forget-me-nots and shamrocks. Someday.....

lynda said...

I want to make a story of our small farm...and all of the animals we have had to date, as well as our kids and grandkids!

Glenda said...

Your mom is looking so much better. I get on my pity pot at times thinking oh me and thenI look around. i have a special needs daughter that requires 24/7 care but there are so many people who care for special needs children that much worse than my daughter. The story I would love to hook is my childhood special memories.

Betty in MO said...

Hi Kelley
First here is a big hug for you. I know care givers are the last to get their needs recognized. I have been trying to reduce my worm stach lately. Think they multiply at night. I would like to make a memory rug of my years growing up on a farm.

Jacqueline said...

Glad your Mom is having a better time might now. Sending prayers for both of you. I will pass on your generous giveaway, I have too many projects going right now to be distracted by other choices.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Here's hoping the med adjustments continue to help!
That is one book I do not have.
I'm loving your rug - much more than mine...sigh.
Hugs :)

marly said...

Thank you but don't include me in your offering please. Just wanted to say how nice your mom looks and so hoping the changes in meds work for her. Understandable about boohoos, always someone worse, but you are dealing with a lot right now. Although others are dealing with more, it doesn't make yours less important.

WoolenSails said...

That is the wonderful thing about rug hooking, a bit at a time and enjoying the process.
Glad your mom is having more good days and hope it continues. I also hope you can get some rest and enjoy time with your sister. Most days that is how I look at things, there is always someone worse off than I am, so I try and count my blessings.


Jo said...

I' m enjoying seeing the progress on your rug. As I always remind everyone, it's not a race but a progress of relaxing & enjoying the hooking! I keep thinking of the story of my life growing up on a small farm & so that's on my bucket list to hook one day! Blessings for your Mom, I hope today is a good day!!

primdollie said...

I enjoy reading your blog in my email feed and don't always post, sorry, but I am sending you big hugs and prayers for you and your mom! I'm praying she has more and more better days! It's so hard trust me I know! I'm just getting caught up with my emails as my dear hubby decided to have a tree fight and yup the tree won!! Thankfully he's only banged up and bruised from head to toe, with cracked ribs and a fractured hand!! So healing very slowly! So hang in there and thanks I enjoy seeing your rug progress and that mom is having better days!! Take care!!!

Rebecca Noland said...

Your rug is beautiful! There is a quilt pattern that is very similar that I want to make someday. Keep your chin up lady, you are a wonderful daughter!
Love and hugs