Monday, April 3, 2017

Keeping Busy

small rug on the frame
while I think about the Americana one

I have a lot of Karen's patterns 
keep putting off hooking them
because I want to dye some wool in her colors 
we all know how that's worked out over the past few years

so I started this one last night
changing the words/letters

thinking of a blue house


going through closets again
very few things left of the parents
except sheets
wonderful Lands End flannel and cotton sheets
the worm ones are now rags
decent ones going to animal shelter
good ones to save and use


Mom is not doing good
extreme pain in her neck and upper back
has been increasing over the past few weeks
making her anxiety worse
which makes her breathing worse
she was switched to using the Hoyer lift for transfers 
a few weeks ago
on Friday she started using her new wheelchair
it has a high back and head rest
she looks much better in it
feels about the same
though I do catch her using the headrest

she's always been stubbon
"Johnny Bull" English she says
now she is resistant to any change 

thanks so much for all your support
I know many of you have gone through this
heartbreaking scenario
your words have given me strength 


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Sending hugs to both of you ~

Jacqueline said...

Prayers and wishes coming your way.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Kelley,
Sending you prayers and hugs today!
Julie xo

WoolenSails said...

I hope your mom feels better and the new chair helps to relieve some pain.
The new rug looks like a nice project to work on and give you some stress free, relax time.


Saundra said...

Also love Karen's designs, have hooked a few and have some in my stash to hook. Hugs and prayers your way for both you and your mom.

Cathy G. said...

Sending my prayers and hugs Kelley. I sure hope your mom can find some relief for the pain. It's very hard on both of you I know. Stay strong! I love your Karen K. rug... I do love her colors too.
Cathy G

marly said...

My mom was either terrified of being in the lift, or laughing and wanting to swing in it, depending on the day. Wishing you both good days.

annie said...


HomeSpunPrims said...

Prayers and hugs for both of you. Lori

Rugs and Pugs said...

Hugs and prayers for mom...and you.

elaine allerton said...

Love karens patterns,, have done a few and still have a few in my stash to do,,,, love her colors too,,, did one similiar to the one ur doing now,,,, it was her other welcome one, ,,
Thoughts to u and ur mom,,, we are having the same scenario with my mother in law,, just got her into a nursing home,, not easy!!! Take care,,,