Sunday, May 28, 2017

Too Much Wool?

my very messy hooking area
this is only part of the wool from a basket
makes it easier to pick strips
for my scrappy rug

the other side with the lights
most of the light strips are in a different large basket
all this hooking
is not making a dent it seems

final corner
rug is sitting crooked on the frame
it's mostly straight across the bottom

rug is set aside while I keep contemplating the words to be hooked
I've narrowed it down to two phrases

we're doing an indoor picnic tonight at work
just the four of us...

I was going to cook this chicken...
instead I'm picking up something from a local restaurant
that's me
no cooking when ever possible!

oh how Mom would love this
sharing was as natural to her as breathing

Have a wonderful day my friends!


WoolenSails said...

Never enough wool, lol. I like how you have it on the rack, easy to see and take off.
Beautiful saying and so true.



Love all your yummy worms! In honor of your mom what about the words, "Giving is like Forgiving Yourself"?

Jacqueline said...

I now have wool envy and lust in my heart.

marly said...

I have no idea how many of those strips are needed for a rug. But they sure look good on that rack. The options and which to use where would paralyze me. Just fried hot paprika bacon from the local market but will check that recipe anyway.

NMK said...

Your drying rack looks So pretty , Love your wool selection !!!

Mugwump Woolies said...

Yummy, yummy colors on that rack! What a great idea for organizing all those lovely worms!

acorn hollow said...

such wonderful color. and what a wonderful saying and true.

annie said...

Loved the photo and the quote!
Your strips are amazing, they are so colorful there on the rack.
I love that rug already.
That chicken, wish I had some now!
It's only one am
Why not? Grin!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Love the worm display and that recipe sounds yummy.

lynnann said...

Morning Kelly.......... love the colors of your wools..

How in the you keep your kitties out of the worms??